Karelian Bear Dogs

Kody of Aspen Valley

   Even though, the Karelian Bear Dog is a mighty and fearless hunter; they are also very loving and gentle. This breed is extremely loyal and affectionate and make great  household companions to their families and are especially good with children. They get along with other dogs in the family, especially if they've been raised together.  But, they may not allow strange dogs to come into their territory.  They are easily trained to accept other family pets, such as, cats, birds, chickens, horses and etc.
    Karelians are very energetic and love to run and exercise, but they don't like to be restricted.  It's important that they have room to play and explore.  When they are kenneled, they must be exercised regularly with sufficient exercise or they will become extremely bored and distructive.  It is also important, to have your yard fenced properly, so that your Karelian doesn't go on a hunting adventure without you!  The Karelian Bear Dog wants to be your partner; they want a purpose in life. These dogs are the happiest when they are with their human companions, out on the trails. 
        The Karelian Bear Dog makes an excellent indooor  companion, because of it's size and also because it does not have the typical dog order as most breeds.  Grooming on a regular basis is  not required, because they do not shed frequently.  This is a hardy breed with few health problems and no genetic health defects. The average life span of the KBD is between 10-12 years.  This breed has a small appetite for it's size.
   From our personal experience, we find that Karelians make excellent pets, they are loyal, and they do all they can to please their families.
Is the Karelian Bear Dog right for you?  Do you need a dog to protect you and your precious loved ones, yet be gentle and loving to the family?  Do you have a place for the Karelian to roam and feel at home?  Then this dog may be just for you.

 The Karelian Bear Dog, a striking black and white mid-sized dog, of rare and ancient breeding, this Nordic Spitz-type canine probably dates back to the time of the Vikings.  The dog is originally from the Finnish province of Karelia.  In Russia this dog was bred with the Utchak Sheep dog to create a “super bear dog” that exhibits great courage and stamina for protection against predators, but offers gentleness, love and loyalty to their “humans.”  This breed is known for its hunting instincts and courage as well as its smart appearance.   
   The Karelian Bear Dog is used in the United States primarily to protect their masters from predatory animals, such as cougar or bear.  These daring dogs will fight to the death to protect their loved ones from an enraged predator.  The Bear Dog was introduced by and is being used in the United States by the U.S. Forest Service to keep grizzlies and black bear away from humans in national park campgrounds. This dog is used to hunt bear,elk, moose, lynx, cougar, wild boar, birds, coons, squirrel and rabbit.  The Karelians are very versitile and are serious hunting dogs; they are willing to take on virtually any game animal, no matter the size. They love to hunt... and can be trained to hunt any game that their master wants to pursue.  They are hearty, sound, and mighty. The KBD is very agile and exceedingly quick in their movement; making them an excellent hunter.  The bravery and determination of the hunting KBD is unyielding.  When hunting, they can go day after day without rest.  The dog usually hunts alone and when bear or other prey is found the dog barks and worries the animal to a standstill. The dedicated hunter and outdoor enthusiast can look to this hard working breed with delight and total satisfaction.

Kassie & Karlee of Aspen Valley