Kiska of Aspen Valley

KISKA OF ASPEN VALLEY – Is a purebred Finnish Karelian; both of his parents, Henri (Sire) and Tytti (Dam) were imported from Finland.  Kiska has great Finnish blood lines.  He was born June 13, 2014.    He is a magnificent Karelian that lives up to his Finnish pedigree.  Kiska is registered American Kennel Club Foundation Stock and the Universal Kennel Club.

 Kiska is an attractive large-sized Karelian Bear Dog, weighing about 70-75 pounds.  Kiska is breathtakingly beautiful and his contrasting black coat with white markings is superbly stunning.  He is a handsome and gorgeous guy, with a warm, gentle, polite, captivating, and charming personality; he loves to please and is loyal to his family!  Kiska displays all the characteristics that a male Karelian should posse.  He is bold, fearless, brave, courageous, adventuresome, obedient, intelligent, active, energetic, athletic, quick, and loves to run!

Color: Black & White